Wanted Earth

From the beginning earth has remained unnoticed…until now.
Various alien races desire earth for their own reasons and will do anything necessary to dominate the planet and its inhabitants. For the first time in history humans have a common enemy. Are you ready?

Wanted Earth is a miniatures strategy board game for 1-7 players. Fight as the heroes defending the planet or try to conquer Earth as the invading alien race.
Every game is a different experience. Discover unique abilities and play styles with each hero, hero combination, and alien race that you play.
It’s a great gaming experience without all the confusing rules, millions of tiny pieces, and long and tedious setup. It can also be played in under 90 minutes!


Wanted Earth consists of twelve rounds. 


In the original mode for 2-4 players, the heroes have six rounds of play to prepare to battle the enemy Overlord, followed by six rounds to defeat him/her. The Faction wins by killing all the heroes or keeping the Overlord alive through the twelfth round. 


In the PvP mode for 3-7 players, the heroes not only need to defeat the Overlord, but another team of 3 heroes!


In the Solo/Campaign mode for 1-3 players, the heroes use the 12 rounds to complete objectives and ultimately destroy the Faction portal to win the game! 

To start, players will pick from diverse cast of characters: 

For the first six rounds, players will use and combine their unique abilities to defend themselves from waves of enemies commanded by an alien Underlord. 

As heroes defeat aliens, they'll obtain credits which are used to purchase new items and equipment. Use your hero abilities to gain an advantage. Solve enigmas to buy yourself extra time or bring in new heroes if one has died. 

Do what it takes to prepare yourself for the arrival of the enemy Overlord - a formidable alien that will challenge even the best equipped players. 

Once the enemy Overlord appears, players will have an additional six round of play. Defeat the Overlord and the heroes win. If all of the heroes are killed in battle, or time runs out, then the battle for Earth will be lost. Will you be the one defending Earth? Or will you be the one who destroys it? 


An alien race resembling salamanders who wander from system to system harnessing and depleting suns.



Basic Units

Base Game Heroes