Vizotoths Expansion - Coming 2020

The Vizotoths are the second alien faction to invade in Wanted Earth! Rather than desiring to take it over like the Goigons, the Vizotoths are plunderers who want to rob the planet of everything they find useful.

Captain Breuer is the Overlord of the Vizotoths and brings some serious firepower to the battle over Earth. To begin with, the basic units on the board are able to steal items from heroes once the captain is on the ground to lead them. On top of that, basic units continue to spawn after he comes out unlike other factions where basic units stop spawning after round six.
His most deadly ability, however, is his range. His guns have no range limit, meaning it's extremely difficult to hide your heroes once he exits the ship.

The Vizototh Underlords!
Tiok brings out-of-this-world quickness and an ability to increase his number of actions each turn making him deadly against heroes that get caught in his path.

The Vizototh ship brings a totally new element to Wanted Earth. It functions not just as an Underlord but as their portal! As such, it can move around the board, attack, and can also be destroyed! The Vizototh ship completely changes the game.

The Vizototh basic units bring their own unique abilities to Wanted Earth, including the ability to steal coins from heroes and the ability to lead their deadly ship around the board.
They also bring a 5th basic unit into the game, a monkey! Ble Ble may look cute, but he is impossible to kill unless you go after his master Ol' Fol!