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Jul 21

Mage Hunter and Allies Info


Edited: Jul 21


Mage Hunter:

- MH's cannot attack or defend with magic

- Magic can only be placed on MH unique item cards for an action

- Magic allows that item to activate its effect

- MH unique item cards start the game on the battlefield and take up 3/6 slots - Cards placed on MH unique item cards are not considered "on the battlefield"

- The unique item cards cannot be stolen or discarded, they are bound to that MH

- MH's can place spells, traps, potions, and mineons on their battlefield (not magic)

- Unlike a Fuzzy Mage, a MH has no free roll up to fuzzy form action while in essence form

- MH's completely rely on their unique items and abilities to flip back to fuzzy form

- MH's cannot fuse with another fuzzy

- MH's and Mages both need 8 magic in their hand to win


- Allies start the game with you

- They give you an additional ability or passive effect

- The ability costs 0 actions and can only be used once per turn ex. Skunk Squad

- Passive effects are always active ex. Hired Muscle

- Ally abilities, like actions, must be used after any mineon draw and before a Garbel roll

- Just like Fuzzy Mages.. Allies can be distributed however you choose..

(chosen, random, rolling, drafting)

- You may activate their ability while in essence form if applicable

***Feel free to post anything you think I should add or clarify****




Can Allies be attacked, and removed from the game like Minions?

Jul 25

Ki Ki's no baggage states that she must discard traps, spells, or potions to roll back to fuzzy form. Since the rules specifically say you don't have usual actions in essence form, she can't draw cards. If she didn't have one in hand or in play, she would have to wait for someone to play a potion, spell, or trap into the discard pile to roll. Makes it seem like she can easily get stuck early in the game in certain situations. This is the only card I believe that can get stuck like this. Is there any clarification or adjustment to prevent that?

Jul 30

It works as you say. Kiki should be able to attack on her first turn to try to buff her headphone shield which should heavily dissuade people from attacking you early on. Also wraggles can get stuck as well early on, if he doesn't load up his stim.

Jul 30

Mage Hunters are edgy, thats their vibe. They cant fuse and they dont get that free roll up action so yea they risk getting stuck for a long time.. potentially the whole game. kiki does state she starts with one magic on her headphones. All mage hunters have sufficient ways to protect themselves from going into essence form but yea itll happen if u play alot.

I have heard of people using house rules to make it easier but i am ultimatly balancing around the idea that they cant fuse and dont have a natural roll up.

sorry for the delayed response bah!

eddie 630-440-9300

@SSG so what is to stop your opponents from attacking Wraggles every game you don’t go first? It seems like you’d be foolish to not permanently remove a rival first action. Especially considering it would only cost you one magic.

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Jul 26

Have you looked into Ally balance much? The Mafia have a risk and reward system, but the skunk squad which can set a person back entire turns has no downside. Shouldn't it have, for example, either the user discards 1 card on a 1 or 2 (instead of the enemy), or they discard one on a 5 or 6 (in addition to the enemy).

Jul 30

I didnt see this comment.. sorry! The Mafia despite having a risk is actually OP they should force the mage to discard on a 1,2,AND 3 that and kiki are getting nerfed everything else is good. Stealing two cards is brutally powerful

What about a clarification on Kiki the MH crossbow. Does the 2 magic that goes into it come from your hand or the deck or discard?

Jul 30

Ok so if you want to reload it you MUST have one in your hand. If there is not one in the discard pile then you can just attach one from your hand. Usually though, 1 magic comes from the discard pile and 1 from your hand.

so I am translating the game to german as my family doesnt speak english good so I read all the cards. I am super confussed by Ki Kis Crossbow. if it can unlimited amounts of magic, I can still do a 3 magic attack and have to discard all the other cards then?

Will that attack take the number of Magic that is on the crossbow?

Aug 9

I'm little confused about your question but I will explain what I can. For an action you can attach 1 magic from your hand and 1 magic from the discard pile. When you attack with the crossbow you discard 1 magic from the crossbow and do a magic attack of 3 (6 if the contract is attached to your opponent). In theory, the amount of magic you can reload onto the crossbow is unlimited, but remember it cost 1 magic from the crossbow to attack with. It also cost an action to reload. Let me know if that answered your question!

@Purple I think I get it now, thanks for the quick answer!

Her bow really confused me.

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