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Sep 10

Rules Questions after Manifesto




i have a few questions regarding a few interactions after reading the manifesto.


If I understand the whole manifesto correct, you have two seperate paths in a turn which you can "travel". The Essence Phase and the Fuzzy Phase. If I start my turn in essence form and fail to Roll to get back to fuzzy form, I may start using my essence abilities. Let's say i have an ability which let me turn over to fuzzy form like Muffin's Filet Mineon. Does my turn end here, because the switch to fuzzy form is taking place in the essence phase? Or does it replace the "Roll" with another condition?


PS: In the time chart is no way to go to fuzzy phase after rolling for it. Just a little annotation. I know that you are supposed to use your fuzzy turn at that point.



Hi Kurtek,


your turn will not end.

No matter how you switch back to fuzzy form (roll, ability, fusion), when you switch back to fuzzy form, you start with your fuzzy form actions.

That means after switching you have your 3 actions (or 4 after fusing).

After using your 3 fuzzy form actions, your turn ends.

Sep 12

Hi Tobias,


thanks for your reply. I will go a bit deeper with my questions than. I dont want to be rude but i try to understand the rules completly for the case that questions come up in my playgroup (trust me, they will come up)


If i can use my fuzzy form actions any time during the fuzzy form. How is it handled if i switch back to fuzzy form after already being in fuzzy form. Thats the case with Philo who can go to essence form with his ability after he used his actions and proceed with the essence form. After taking his essence form ability he can force fuse to go back to fuzzy form again. The question ist, how many actions does he have in his new fuzzy form. 3 because he already used 3 and get 3 with his fused ability or 6 because its a new fuzzy phase?


Another question is, if philo's ability mentions that he can use his essence abilitys afterwards. How ist it if a Fuzzy mages gets knocked out by a counterattack or trap. May they use there essence abilities or are they even allowed to roll for the fuzzy form?



Hi Kurtek,


everything´s fine. This forum was made to ask questions.


In the case of Philo an example

You are in fuzzy form and have 3 actions. Let´s say you draw 3 cards.

After that you are able to switch to essence form and start using your abilities.

First you take a card from the discard pile. After this you force another mage to fuse with you.

So you switch back to fuzzy form

Like I said before, no matter how you switch back to fuzzy form, your turn go on in fuzzy form with your 3 actions.

Because you switch back to fuzzy form by using your ability, you get +3 actions. So actually you have 6 actions.

After you used your 6 actions, your turn ends.


For your other question another example

You have 3 actions

First action --> you set a face-down card on your battlefield

Second action --> you attack another player who has Gretchen as fuzzy mage

Your opponent defends or not (in that case it doesn´t matter). After your attack your opponent use his ability "counter attack" and knocks you out.

Then you switch to essence form and your turn ends.

This case you can see in the first video on the kickstarter campagne.



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