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Jul 29

Rules Questions


Edited: Jul 29

Chester: When Chester flips to essense form, he loses Infini-mini. Does he then have to discard cards on his board until he 6 cards, if he has more than 6?

Potion that allows you to draw from discard for your turn: What's the timing for this card? Is it discarded when your turn is done, or is it discarded when activated?

EDIT because I forgot: Drabhu: The card only mentions that her attack can be split between fuzzy mages. I assume it cannot be split among mineons? I'm assuming not, but want to make sure.

Jul 29

1. No. He does not have to discard down to six cards on the battlefield. He cannot however use his foraging ability to add cards to the battlefield.

2. Discarded when activated.

3. Correct, only mages!


great questions. Questions like these i am compiling to post a solid faq So feedback is awesome! thanks

Thabks for the answers! Just to clarify on the potion, the first card you draw would be the potion itself, having just been discarded. Is this correct? If yes then the second time its activates it would be removed from the game, I just want to make sure on the first draw.

Jul 29

I am reconsidering the “remove from the game” rule and I will probably change it to a specific rule/text on the “take an extra turn potion“ only**

so dont remove any card from the game except the “take an extra turn“ potion

The first card you draw would be the current top of the discard 🙂 not the potion you just played.



I'm still confused on the timing in that case. The potion is worded in such a way that suggests all 3 of your actions could be used to draw from the discard. If the potion is discarded as soon as it's activated, it would be the top card of the discard, meaning that I could, in theory, draw it and two other cards from the discard. What am I misunderstanding?


For reference, the card I'm talking about says:

Potion: Draw from the top of the discard pile this turn.


You are correct. I am sorry there was a misunderstand. I am looking at the card now. You do not discard the potion until its effect play out and the turn is over. I am going to start naming item cards so it is easier to reference.

Again my bad.. running on 4 hrs of sleep quite often lol mostly because this is fun and i want to make sure everything is perfect now thatvi have the time.

keep the questions coming Alex thank you!

Aug 18

I am finding it difficult to tell the difference between activated fuzzy mage abilities that cost an action to use and passive abilities that do not cost an action. • It is clear on some

Example 1 [TAG - Around the world] "For 1 action...."

Example 2 [RUGGED - Fist of Furry] "For 1 action..."


• Somewhat clear on some

Example 1 [FALALA - Slow it down] "You only have 1 action per turn..."

-- This is (Probably?) an unavoidable passive

Example 2 [SEPTIMUS - Zippy] " Take two turns in a row..." -- Does it take an action to make this happen or do you just say you are going to use it?


• Very unclear on others

Example 1 [DRABHU - Get flamed] "Your magic attack may hit as many Fuzzy Mages as you wish with the damage divided as you choose. You get +3 magic per Fuzzy mage if only attacking two or less Fuzzy Mages." -- Is this an activated (costing 1 action) or passive ability? Can you use it more than once in a turn? Example 2 [MUFFINS - Beast] "You can add a die roll to every attack that you make.

-- Again is this an activated or passive ability?


How do players determine what abilities count as costing an action vs. being passive?

Aug 28

It has to say that it costs an action otherwise it is passive or another ability type. I have been working to upgrade the game as far as clarifications and text layout is concerned because this is by far our greatest weakness.

if you havnt checked out the rough draft of the FMF Manifesto on the kickstarter page updates than Definitely do so And let me know what you think. Its very rough but itll give u somwhat of a picture of whats to come. Its only half done and needs to be touched up alot but it is way better than the rule book.

sorry for the delayed response!


New Posts
  • Hi, i have a few questions regarding a few interactions after reading the manifesto. If I understand the whole manifesto correct, you have two seperate paths in a turn which you can "travel". The Essence Phase and the Fuzzy Phase. If I start my turn in essence form and fail to Roll to get back to fuzzy form, I may start using my essence abilities. Let's say i have an ability which let me turn over to fuzzy form like Muffin's Filet Mineon. Does my turn end here, because the switch to fuzzy form is taking place in the essence phase? Or does it replace the "Roll" with another condition? PS: In the time chart is no way to go to fuzzy phase after rolling for it. Just a little annotation. I know that you are supposed to use your fuzzy turn at that point.
  • 1. the potion - take an extra turn after this one  is it means you can take another turn immediately and discard  or keep it until next round?  and if it so philo can use anytime for his ability? 2.Septimus ability, take 2 turn and skip 2 in a row is it passive ability or passive? and if active is it cost 1 action? ps. And it is hard to distinguish between passive and active  3.Falala's ability, draw a deck of discard pile. can be use by using spells or potion and discard immediately?
  • Hello players. I translated in the entire rulebook in french. Can anyone tell me where to download the PowerPoint file ?
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