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Jul 21

Game Play


Edited: Jul 23

How you win:

- collect 8 magic in your hand during your turn while in Fuzzy Form (cannot be fused with another fuzzy mage)

Getting rid of Garbel:

- you either roll a 5 or a 6 at the end of your turn OR you have no cards in your hand at end of turn (If the Garbel takes your last card.. that still counts as having no cards and he moves on to the next player... clockwise)

- if he does not move on then he steals a random card from your hand and puts it in the discard

The Deck:

- Deck must have 100 cards

- 60 magic, 16 mineons, 8 spells, 8 traps, and 8 potions. Feel free to mix and match as long as you stick to that criteria. (A competitive deck build will be posted in the future)

The Game:

- To begin a game everyone starts with a Fuzzy Mage

- How you distribute them is up to you (choosing, random, rolling, drafting)

- Then everyone rolls to see who goes first.. - The Garbel is then placed in front of the first player

- After the Garbel is in position, everyone draws three cards from the deck (there is no limit to hand size)

- Once everyone has cards the first player takes their turn

***you are not allowed to attack another fuzzy mage during the first round if they have not taken their turn***

- A turn usually consists of three actions and once it is done moves clockwise to the next player

- Drawing from the deck

- Placing cards facedown on the battlefield (faceup for mineons)

- And attacking a fuzzy mage or mineon

- There may also be fuzzy abilities that require an action

- You may take your actions in any order and you may repeat any actions as much as long as it totals three or wtv your total actions may be

- If a fuzzys ability does not state that it costs an action then that means that it is a free action to be used at any time during your turn (must be after a mineon draw and before a Garbel roll)

- There are also passive abilities which are always active even when it is not your turn

- Some abilities or item cards may ignore the rules but it must state that on the card.

- You must put potions, traps, and spells facedown for an action in order to use them

- But once they are facedown they cost no actions and may be played at any time during your turn or any following turns as long as you are not in essence form and it is after a mineon draw and before a Garbel roll (i need a key word for this Lol)

- Traps however only get activated when you or a mineon are attacked

- With that in mind if you attack another fuzzy mage and then immedietly play a spell or potion for free (after the total magic attack and defense is declared) then that spell will take priority over any trap that the defender activated

- The trap will still trigger but only after the attack and spell is resolved.

- Part of resolving a “successful“ attack (putting a fuzzy into essence form) is to steal two cards from the fuzzy that you put into essence.

- Stealing cards after a successful attack also takes priority over a trap.

-So if you attack a fuzzy mage successfully and that mage activates a trap that forces you to discard two cards from your hand.. you must include the two cards you stole from that fuzzy since the attacking fuzzy mage resolves his attack first.

- Again this is not always the case and we are going to put an emphasis on wording/text moving forward.

- For example if you activate a trap that completely blocks an attack.. common sense says that that would trigger immediately before the attack resolves.. and it does..

- But we still need to clarify things like that better without using too much text and being forced to hide our beautiful art!

- Speaking of attacking with magic...

- Magic in your hand is worth one while attacking or defending and worth three while facedown.

- You can stack magic in your hand and facedown magic as much as you would like during an attack or defense

- Facedown magic may be stronger but it does not count towards the eight magic you need to win How do you determine if an attack is successful? - If the attacker commits more total magic than the defending fuzzy has to defend or if defending fuzzy chooses not to defend - The defending fuzzy mage can stop an attack by committing an equal amount or more of total magic to the fight - Each fuzzy involved discards any magic used in the fight ( this also applies for potions, traps, and spells that are used..) - Mineons can also be attacked as mentioned earlier (I think i said that) they have a hit point of one.. so that means a two magic attack would force them to be discarded - However you can defend them with magic if you chose to as long as you are in fuzzy form - One thing you cannot do during a fight is to commit magic to defending without it being enough to stop the attack just so you can discard (players will try this so cards in their hand dont get stolen) - If you do not have enough magic to defend than you may not defend

- If you do end up getting flipped to essence form you will be limited to specific actions

Lets start with what you cant to while in essence form:

- you cant draw from the deck

- you cant place cards on the battlefield

- you cant activate facedown cards on your battlefield

- you cant attack (or be attacked)

- you cant defend your mineons if they are attacked (takes two magic to put them in the discard)

What you can do in essence form:

- you can draw for your mineons

- then you get a free roll back to fuzzy form action on a 5 or a 6

- you do not have to take this action but if you decide to then it must be done BEFORE using your essence abilities

- if you fail to roll up to fuzzy form (or choose not to roll) than you may begin using your essence form abilities

- you also get to roll for the Garbel at the end of your turn if your hand has cards in it!! sweeet

- joking aside**** you HAVE TO ROLL and get Garbeld unless you have no cards in hand OR roll a 5 or a 6

- Besides getting a free roll up to fuzzy form action every turn..

- You also have the option to fuse with another fuzzy mage that is also stuck in essence form

- If both fuzzy mages (fuse friends) have fuse abilities..

- Then the fuse ability of the fuzzy whos turn it is when the fuse takes place overrides the other fuzzys fuse ability..

- If only one fuzzy has a fuse ability then it MUST activate once fused regardless of whos turn it is

- Once a fuse takes place.. - Both fuzzys flip up to fuzzy form and place the same colored fuse cards next to their battlefield

- They both receive +1 action every turn they are fused (typically that means 4 actions a turn) - Both fuse friends are also bound together

- Meaning that if either one is successfully attacked by another fuzzy mage.. both must flip to essence form (only the fuzzy that was attacked loses cards to the attacker) - If either fuzzy mage is put into essence form form via an ability or card effect the same rule applies.. they both go into essence form

- Luckily the same holds true for rolling back to fuzzy form while in essence form.. if one of the fuse friends roll up successfully the other one flips up immediately aswell

- Abilities that flip a fuse friend back to fuzzy form also apply**

- The down side to being fused is that neither fuse friend can win the game while fused

- The only way (typically) to break a fuse is to successfully attack the fuzzy you are fused with

- The fuzzy mage whos turn it is when the fuse begins cannot however attack the fuzzy hes fused with when they flip up that first turn, that fuzzy must wait until their following turn to attack at the earliest - The other fuse friend however may attack during their first turn up since the first fuse friend had a chance to take a turn already (similar to the first round of the game)

Important stuff at the end: - You must show how many cards are in your hand if asked - All cards are put into the discard if used or destroyed unless an ability or wtv says differently

Hope this helps





Jul 24Edited: Jul 24

>> - Part of resolving a “successful“ attack (putting a fuzzy into essence form) is to steal two cards from the fuzzy that you put into essence.


So I just realized something from the first part of this comment... for Atlas's "Go Green" ability, he only gets to keep the magic in his hand *if* the defender is unsuccessful? So if another player defends an attack, that is not considered "successful", so he must discard the magic used to attack from his hand?

Aug 7

Small questions:

1. Traps effect is always work only after attak is resolved? It's just little surprised, I thought that they must do it after attak is announced, but before defence

2. Rolling for returning to fuzzy form - I can spend all 3 actions for this?

3. "If a player is able to take [...] card out of discard pile [...] the next time that card is discarded, that card is removerd from the game"...

I think this rule is difficalt to track sometimes

Aug 7

1. Usually yes, unless specified on the trap.

2. Essence form works differently. you dont have any "actions" you get to roll once. If you fail then you get to use essence abilities or try to fuse.

3. Yeah, he is thinking about changing that rule.

Aug 7

@Purple thanks a lot! About essence: ow, for some reason I read how "player [...] has 3 actions" instead of "player [...] has 3 options")

Thank you!

And I have one more question:

4. "Choose 8 traps, 8 spells and 8 potions" follows after "deal each player 3 cards" - it's just a mistake, or players realy must start with magic/mineons only?


(and sorry for my english)

Aug 7

@MacTire That I'm not sure about. I'm sure the dev will respond soon. I've always shuffled them in first then dealt thre cards.

Its a mistake. You shuffle everything including spells traps and potions. I apologize for the rulebook. I am fixing it now and about to post this week. That was my greatest failure.. two toddlers, another job, life issues. I had someone else do the text and rulebook through my directions. And he did an awful job. Ultimatly its on me tho so i apologize And am fixing it now plus adding so much more. Stay tuned! Itll be up this week for sure.

And yes discarding a card from the game is literally just for extra turn potion. And in the future it must state that. i am polishing everythin up so by next launch everything will he 👌

great questions btw


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  • Hi, i have a few questions regarding a few interactions after reading the manifesto. If I understand the whole manifesto correct, you have two seperate paths in a turn which you can "travel". The Essence Phase and the Fuzzy Phase. If I start my turn in essence form and fail to Roll to get back to fuzzy form, I may start using my essence abilities. Let's say i have an ability which let me turn over to fuzzy form like Muffin's Filet Mineon. Does my turn end here, because the switch to fuzzy form is taking place in the essence phase? Or does it replace the "Roll" with another condition? PS: In the time chart is no way to go to fuzzy phase after rolling for it. Just a little annotation. I know that you are supposed to use your fuzzy turn at that point.
  • 1. the potion - take an extra turn after this one  is it means you can take another turn immediately and discard  or keep it until next round?  and if it so philo can use anytime for his ability? 2.Septimus ability, take 2 turn and skip 2 in a row is it passive ability or passive? and if active is it cost 1 action? ps. And it is hard to distinguish between passive and active  3.Falala's ability, draw a deck of discard pile. can be use by using spells or potion and discard immediately?
  • Hello players. I translated in the entire rulebook in french. Can anyone tell me where to download the PowerPoint file ?
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