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Jul 24

Fuzzy Mage Fight Questions.



4. Atlas Face plant, can you activate the cards?

5. Noble, great magic snowball, are the attacks separate or does the defense have to block each attack individually. Nobles snowball fight, can minions defend attacks attacking a fuzzy mage?

6. Wraggles clarification on which three items, same with kiki. Can items be used while in essence form? Especially stim. if not, if wraggles is in essence form with no minions and no magic on his stim does he automatically lose the game?

7. Kiki's bounty, can it be moved by someone who has the bounty on them on their turn? Kiki's crossbow can you still attach a magic if no magic is in the discard pile? Kiki's Spin kick, does this magic come from your hand or somewhere else? Does this effect stack with the bounty? For no baggage do you choose how many spells, traps or potions you discard? Also if she has none in her hand and none in the discard pile she essentially is screwed

8. Muffins + Fusing question. If muffins breaks a fuse between 2 mages in fuzzy form what happens? Also for her beast ability when exactly is the dice rolled?

9. Falala, for her speedster ability can she do all of the normal actions besides attacking?

10. Philo, can you force fuse with a fuzzy not in essence form?

11. Rugged, fist of fury, is the 1 magic free? Also can the attack be added on from your hand? I don't understand the point of this ability.

12. Dr. Blixen, Its just allergies, for each additional attack does he have to pay for each new attack with different magic? Also you can only roll a total of 2 more times correct? Also is dont worry I'm a doctor optional? Can you just target one fuzzy mage? In a player count of 3 or higher?

13. Gretchen, Cat Burglar, Is this ability triggered when you roll for fuzzy form? Or is it a separate a ability.

14. Silvers item, does it trigger before attack is declared for example if he declares he Is attacking with 7 then loses 4 of it what happens? Or does it trigger after an attack has been successfully defended or after an attack just resolves?

15. Pinkish look trap that says "Attacker discards random cards from their hand or battlefield equal to the total magic" does that mean attack value or total magic? For example if I attacked for 3 face down magic would it be 3 cards discarded or 9?

Jul 24

4. No you cannot

5. The Great Magic Snowball attack is not separate. It is not divided nor do you have to commit magic to each mineon. The total magic used to attack target fuzzy is the total magic that attacks each mineon. So yes the defense would be considered separate but not the attack.

Mineons can defend attacks against Noble only. They are loyal to him and dont mind sacrificing themselves. They each have 1 hit point tho.. so mineons can only block a 1 magic attack against Noble without “dying”. Every other total attack can be blocked but they will be discarded.

6. Wraggles has sword, boomerang, and stim. Kiki has crossbow, headphones, and bounty contract. Some items can be used in essence form but it has to state that or it has to be suggested in some way. Yes if wraggles doesnt dodge with his 50/50 defense, doesn have a magic on his stim, and doesnt have a mineon to put magic on his stim while hes in essence form than he is most likely out of the game since mage hunters have no free roll back to fuzzy form action and cannot fuse. So yea wraggles and other mage hunters can be out of the game. Just goes with the mage hunters vibe, balance, and abilities.. but its still hard to do unless they get really focused.. whoevers focusing however is going to have to burn through alot of cards and will probably be vulnerable so its also not always smart to over commit.. let me know how ur experience is with the MH. I like that their edgy and a little more risky that Mages.

7. Only KiKi can move bounty contract. If the discard has no magic than you cannot add additional magic to the crossbow but you can still add one. It is “technically“ not magic.. it is the same as Ruggeds Fist of Furry ability.. its just a kick and a punch that do the same damage as 1 magic would so no need to commit magic. Some magic attack abilities also require no magic to be committed either but it generally has to fit with their vibe or make sense to me. Spin kick does not stack with the bounty, only the crossbow stacks with the bounty. For no baggage yes you choose how much to commit and what to commit. And yea.. she could be stuck in essence form for a while until she draws an item card and successfully rolls up but like i said .. mage hunters edgy.. but they all have cool abilities or items to keep that from happening.

Jul 24

Oh an add one question for kiki the headphones state that one magic starts on them. Where does that magic come from? The initial 60 or from out of the game?

Jul 24

yes from the deck before game starts. I will respond to other questions in a bit!

Jul 24

8. Their fuse is just broken.. they are no longer bound, they lose their +1 action bonus (or wtv benefit one of the fuzzys fuse abilities might add), and they can now win with 8 magic in their hand.

She has to roll immedietly after declaring how much magic she is attacking with and before defender declares defense.

Jul 24Edited: Jul 24

9. correct!

10. No they have to be in essence form

11. It costs an action and you cannot add to magic to it. Ther is a few good reasons to use it. I will name a couple:

- if a fuzzy has no cards in hand but has a full battlefield... use ur fist of furry abiity to force the fuzzy to waste facedown magic to defend (facedown magic costs two actions to get it on the battlefield.. draw and place) so by “punching“ you are basically spending one action to waste two of that fuzzys actions and weaken their battlefield.

- you also might have just used honey badger dont care ability and now want to attack the defenseless fuzzy but have no magic.. instead of drawing and risking not getting any magic and/or instead of wasting two actions to draw and attack.. you can use fist of furry to attack for one action without any magic.


Jul 24

12. No neither dont worry im a doctor or its just allergies require you to commit magic. Both are some of those innate magic abilities i referred to earlier. Dont worry im a doctor is optional. As long as you roll well you can continue using its just allergies until all other fuzzys are in essence form.. so thers not limit.

13. Its a separate roll and optional just like most abilities. U may want the garbel to move on so you dont want any more cards in ur hand.

14. silvers item triggers like a trap, he must be attacked first and then it all activates.. i should of made this more clear** he has odd mechanics that wont be repeated in the next launch. Instead of draw and placement actions.. his unique item cards cost a certain number of facedown magic to acquire.

15. 9 magic.. so 9 total cards discarded

Clarification about Tag and his essence form abilities. Does he recieve two chances to roll to fuzzy due to his abilities or just one and choose which ability he will use.

Jul 27

only once I was believe

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