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Aug 1

Falala, Silver, and Eachthighearn Questions

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Falala: I’m a little confused as to why her “Speedster” essence form ability clarifies that she cannot use her 3 actions to attack, as mages can’t attack in essence form anyways. Does this ability carry over for the first turn she returns to fuzzy form?


Silver: After he uses his item cards, are they discarded into the discard pile or the side of his battlefield? And just to clarify his fuzzy ability, if his items would be stolen, they are discarded to the side of his battlefield, correct? (Or am I just understanding it wrong?)


Eachthighearn: Can he copy Septimus’ “Seven” ability? Or is it overruled by his “More Magic!”? As well, if he is in fuzzy form and another mage is in essence form, can he still copy that mage’s fuzzy abilities? Or does he need to wait until that mage has returned to fuzzy form? (Or vice versa, if Eachthighearn is in essence form and the other mage is in fuzzy form.)

Hey Sabrinbrin


1. Fuzzys also cant draw or place face down in essence form.. so it felt right to clarify the attacking part since she CAN do 2/3 actions that are typically exclusive to fuzzy form.


2. Side of his battlefield (he is only character with this mechanic and that will remain the case next launch. Correct! Discarded to side of battlefield instead of stolen.


3. He can take on septimus ability. I cannot guarantee eachthighearns balance as the game progress so he will not be eligible for competitive play or tournaments but feel free to have fun with him like you would the allies.. more casual play. While Each is in essence form he can only take other fuzzys essence abilities. While in fuzzy form he can only take ther fuzzy form abilities. Doesnt matter what form they are in.

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  • Hi, i have a few questions regarding a few interactions after reading the manifesto. If I understand the whole manifesto correct, you have two seperate paths in a turn which you can "travel". The Essence Phase and the Fuzzy Phase. If I start my turn in essence form and fail to Roll to get back to fuzzy form, I may start using my essence abilities. Let's say i have an ability which let me turn over to fuzzy form like Muffin's Filet Mineon. Does my turn end here, because the switch to fuzzy form is taking place in the essence phase? Or does it replace the "Roll" with another condition? PS: In the time chart is no way to go to fuzzy phase after rolling for it. Just a little annotation. I know that you are supposed to use your fuzzy turn at that point.
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