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Aug 1

Defending an attack from fused Mage


If the attack from a fused Mage is successfull, he steals two cards from the defending player's hand. The defending Mage flips to essence form. The fuse is broken.


What if the defending Mage defence is successfull ?


A) Both players discards Magic and Fuse remains.

B) The defending Mage steals two cards from the attacking Mage. The attacking Mage flips to essence form. The fuse is broken.


I believe that A is true. A defence that has more magic than the offence has no other results (the defending mage does not turn the attacker into essence form), so I would think that the same is true for fused mages.

If a fused mage attacks the mage hes

fused with and is successful.. that mage goes into essence form, you steal two cards and the fuse is broken. Discard any magic used in attack like normal..

If unsuccessful then you both discard magic like normal. The fuse is not broken.

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