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Jul 24

Clarifications on Attacking


Is it possible to make an attack for 0? That is to say, using one of your actions for the turn to make an attack, and then using no magic in the attack.


Kiki's Headphones' ability states that she can only be attacked by a magic attack of 4 or greater. Does Hysteria only need 2-3 magic to make that attack, given her ability to add power to magic attacks?

Jul 24

I believe you must spend at least one magic when making an attack. Yes to your second question.

Jul 24

Purple is correct. Your going to like one of the allies in the next launch purple!

Jul 24

Ok, further questions:


Given the previous answer, is it OK to make an attack using only the magic from an ability, such as Niu Ga Tang's Aim or Hysteria's Squishy?


What happens if Muffins attacks Kiki with headphones active? Let's say that, for sake of argument, she only uses 1 magic in the attack (as a 3+ could be added to the attack) and rolls a 1.

Jul 24

@Eldaste OK so for your first question those are not attacks they are attack modifications to my understanding so no. 2. In that situation I would say you spend the magic and the attack fails. But I may be wrong.

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  • Hi, i have a few questions regarding a few interactions after reading the manifesto. If I understand the whole manifesto correct, you have two seperate paths in a turn which you can "travel". The Essence Phase and the Fuzzy Phase. If I start my turn in essence form and fail to Roll to get back to fuzzy form, I may start using my essence abilities. Let's say i have an ability which let me turn over to fuzzy form like Muffin's Filet Mineon. Does my turn end here, because the switch to fuzzy form is taking place in the essence phase? Or does it replace the "Roll" with another condition? PS: In the time chart is no way to go to fuzzy phase after rolling for it. Just a little annotation. I know that you are supposed to use your fuzzy turn at that point.
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