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Aug 2

Clarifications needed


Hi, I have finished the first game night with FMF, and it seems my group of MTG enthusiast had some problems with text clarity, so here are some questions: Atlas: -Sly Fox: Is this a passive or an active? Is it his own dice rolls or any roll in the game? Septimus: -Zippy: Do you gain one extra turn or two? It should obviously say that it cannot be used in extra turns or more than once per turn. Skipped turns are also can't be in a row. Gretchen: -Counter Attack: Can she counter attack both times if she get's attacked two times in one turn? Using of "first" is confusing in this sentence. Drabhu -Dragon Fever. Does this ability reveals hands in order to clarify that the player can't discard magic? Philo: -Force Fuse: Is this an active or a passive ability? Is this ability keeps it's effect while Philo is in Fuzzy Form even tough it's in the essence side? (is this true to all backside passive abilities or just this one?) How does this interact with Hysteria? Can Philo start his turn, fail the dice roll to flip, summon a potion and then fuse and then still have 6 action to spend? What if he starts fuzzy, spends 3 actions, flips with Fainting Goat, summons a potion and then fuse with another fuzzy. Does he gets 3 or 6 more actions, or this is not possible to do? -Potion Master: Since potions can only be played face down, does he plays them face up with this ability? Can he play a potion face down for 1 action still? Hysteria: -FMF and Fuse: Is this ability stays active while in fuzzy form and fused even tough it's in the essence side? Shadow Squirrel -WHAAA? : If he rolls more than the number of cards in the target's hand, how many cards he discards after he stole the cards? Can he steal from more than one mage? Tag: -Shell Shield: Does he puts the magic cards back face down or do they go into his hand? Falala: -BFF: Is this ability counts as one action? -Speedster: Is this an active or a passive ability? Can you only draw with this ability or you can do anything except attack? Niu Ga Thang: -Fuzzle: Does she has to reveal the six cards in her battlefield to use this ability? In case of traps / spells / potions, does the table can learn what she has? Chester:

-Recyle: Is this a passive or an active ability? Eachtinghearn: -Most Magical: Can he take on abilities that are currently on the face down side of the mages? Can he take on Fuzzy side abilities while on essence form or vice-versa? Wraggles: -Does he can lock himself in essence form if he has no mineon in play or charge in his Stim to flip back when he goes essence?

I agree completly. Now that i am on this full time i am going to clarify everything end of next week with my FMF Manifesto which i will post.

I will answer these questions in a couple hours!

Atlas- if you fail a roll back to fuzzy form or decide not to roll back then you can use the sly fox essence ability as a separate roll to try and draw one card.

Septimus- you gain one extra turn after the turn ur own when u activate that ability ends. Once you finish ur extra turn.. then you skip ur next two turns

Gretchen- yes she can counter attack twice. It is a passive ability

Drabhu- Yes, hands (and battlefield i believe) U must prove if asked. Includes Drabhu.. she also gets affected by dragon fever.

Philo- activated ability then passive ability once fused. Essence form abilities cannot be activated while in fuzzy form but if its effect has been put in motion.. then it lingers in fuzzy form until resolved. Or if it states directly like Rips essence form ability/second part of Philos force fuse ability.

Another example of a lingering effect is Chesters infini mini ability.. if he has three mineons and four facedown magic while in essence form he doesnt have to discard down to six cards on his battlefield however he cant use his forage ability to add a card.. so.. infini mini‘s effect has played out and remains active for all cards affected by its ability but you cannot take advantage of that ability “activate in some sense” while in essence form.

For Philo.. after he forces a fuse and flips up.. the first part (as well as the second which states “while fused”) of his force fuse ability has played out and remains active for the fuzzys it affected.

As for how it interacts with hysteria.. Philo’s fuzzy mage fuse ability overrides hysterias fuse ability because it is his turn when the fuse takes place. This is true for all instances in which two fuzzy mages both have fuse abilities on their essence form.. the fuzzys fuse ability whos turn it is overrides the other fuzzys fuse ability.

Yes Philo can fail his roll take a potion and then force a fuse. As a rule.. fusing can take place at anytime during ur essence form turn. You must however decide to skip ur roll to fuzzy form or fail that roll in order to take advantage of the essence form abilities. Essence form abilities that affect the roll to fuzzy form, fusing, or ur mineon draw however are active at the time that any of the three take place. (Example..Gretchen, Philo, Yesh)

If Philo took three actions while in fuzzy form before fainting to essence form then those are negated when he forces a fuse and flips up. He would be left with three.. however the following turn or any turn after if still fused he takes six actions.

Potion Master- yes he plays it face up right from the hand and it activates immediately. You may chose to put it facedown for an action if you choose.

Hysteria- yes all fused abilities are active for as long as the fuse is active/its effects has played out.

Shadow Squirrel- She can only steal from one mage. If u roll more than wat target mage has in their hand u still steal those cards but are still forced to discard the total rolled. So use it on the biggest hands u can.. or not at all.

Tag- he puts them back face down.. so hit him early and often.. or use rugged and yesh 😛

Falala- it is passive.. u just do it during ur turn. Speedster- you basically take all ur normal actions u would take in fuzzy form minus attacking.

Niu Ga Tang- yes she has to reveal

Chester- recycle active once per essence form turn

Each- can only take the fuzzy abilities of the form that he is currently in.. it doesnt matter wat form they are in. So if he is in fuzzy form.. he can only take their fuzzy form abilities.. if he is in essence.. he can only take ther essence form abilities.

Wraggles. Yes. He is the only character currently that can get perma locked in essence form..

(Niu ga tang could bring him back! Lol)

great questions. Excited to elaborate and clarify text with FMF Manifesto end of next week.

Keep me posted on ur experience and please text me at anytime if u need fast answers.. (if im sleeping i will turn my phone off) 👍🔥

Eddie 630-440-9300

Gretchen further clarification.. it is passive being that its always available but its active meaning you can activate it if you want..

Gretchens counter attack is active** blah

working on fmf manifesto now

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