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Jul 18

Question about Philos ability "Fainting Goat"

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The ability says that after using my 3 actions, i may switch to essence form and begin using th essence abilities.

Am i also allowed to roll a die to switch back into fuzzy form?

I would think that i´m not allowed to roll a die.

If i´m allowed to roll a die, Philo would be to strong.

In that case, for example i would use my 3 actions to draw cards. After this i switch to essence form, than roll a die about 5 or 6 and switch back to fuzzy form. When i´m back in fuzzy form i would repeat thiese actions till i have enough magic to win.


Therfore i think, after using the ability "Fainting Goat", i´m not allowed to roll a die.

Am I right with this thoughts?




Jul 18

Hey Tobias!


Yes you are right! If you use fainting goat it states that you immediately start using essence form abilities which means.. you have skipped ur roll up action that turn.

I will be updating the FAQ section and more in the next update tonight! You are the first to post on the FMF forum 🥳 haha keep asking good questions. On my end the mechanics will only get more complicated as the game grows and there is more and more unique abilities and interactions not to mention new modes of play! So yea.. I appreciate the questions/comments.


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