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Aug 16

Falala, garbel, and winning


So the first sentence in the rule book reads "Yuou win the game by having 8 magic cards in your hand at any point on your turn."


I was playing 1v1 with annother player as falala. They played a potion to gain an extra turn, and then discarded a card to the garbel. I got my 8th magic card as a result. Was it technically my turn, briefly between their normal turn and their extra turn, or did I not win yet?


It only really matters because the other player wanted to make me discard my whole hand in their second turn.

Aug 17

You would win immediately. It doesn't have to be your turn to win

Aug 17

It does have to be your turn! Sorry purple! I must of mislead u bah

Aug 17

And yea the extra turn takes place immediately. FMF Manifesto coming soon the game has proved much deeper than i imagine especially with the new mode of play.

New Posts
  • Is attacking for 0 magic an option? Shadow squirrel and muffins would benefit a lot from this if they can. Also, if you're attacked from an ability as opposed to the "attack action" do your when attacked things trigger? Ie: tag gets hit by rugged, does he keep his face down magic? Or if blixem sneezes on the table that has a Gretchen fuzzy mage, does she get to counter attack? If she does does she get to immediately or does blixem get to activate it's just allergies first?
  • Hi, I have a llittle question about Philo´s abilit "force fuse". The text says, "you can force a fuse with another mage. While fused, you get +3 actions instead of only +1". Do I unerstand it right that, if I force a Mage to fuse with me, I will get +3 actions as long as I´m fused with the other mage? Or do I just get +3 actions in my first turn after fuse?
  • Honestly! One reference card should show whats happening/can be done on your turn while in fuzzy form and the other side should show the same for the essence form. Another reference sheet should list all fuzzy mages and their abilities. This would make the gameplay a smoother experience. I know that both references are not needed when playing with really hard core players but I know a lot of guys in my game groups who will have trouble memorizing all the stiff.
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