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Aug 1

Essence Form and Fusing


Edited: Aug 1

In the future, will there be cards to influence turning yourself to essence form or forcing a fuse? I ask because there are some Fuzzies that benefit from those options and it can be difficult, especially in a 1v1 to make it happen. Even if multiple options:

Potion to turn into essence form

Spell to force a fuse

Trap that does both (turns attacker to essence form and forces a fuse with them if the attack turned you to essence form).

One time use Allies would be another good option.

Hey JJ!

Great question:

I think there is definitely a possibility. Especially regarding the mechanics going into the new expansion in Jaunuary (Fuzzy Fuse Friends Fight).

At the moment this mode will play 2-4 players. It will be more focused on 1v1 vs the base game version of FMF which is more focused on three or more players with 1v1 being an alternative way to play.

FFFF will work in two ways:

1. will be the most competitive version of this game where each player chooses two fuzzys and are able to combine certain abilities and gain benefits from fusing. The number of fuzzy combinations will be crazy considering ther will be over 80 of them.. It will also incorporate a power up card which will feel like a tug of war match over it. The Garbel and the Power up card can never be on the same battlefield together which adds to a very interesting dynamic and the ways to acquire the power up card are very interesting. So yes I think whatvyou are memtioning will be more viable with the introduction of this mode which will be further clarified closer to the next launch in january.

2. You will be able to use this mode in team-play but as of right now i cannot guarentee it will be as competitive as (1.) but it will be super fun regardless


I am going to put more of an emphasis on balancing allies on a more competitive level aswell cobsidering the number of “non-casual” gamers that enjoy using them but it may be incredibly tricky to balance the new modes of play and all the fuzzy abilities with an emphasis on Allies aswell which was originally supposed to be just a lighter alternative mode of play. For example.. septimus with jerry... that can be an incredibly fast win.. regardless I will do my best in this area to keep the allies as balanced as possible without loosing the lighter side of playing with them!

Aug 1Edited: Aug 1

Thanks for the response. Maybe another simpler way of balancing out all allies is give a straight 3 magic activation cost across the board. That way it's not a 1 turn additional ability that can possibly win the game before your opponent plays.


After playing the 3 magic, you can then wait or activate the ability like normal (repeating each turn with no additional magic cost).


Would set up counter picks as well (Possum Posse or racoon Mafia against that Septimus combo could be great).

Very interesting. I will investigate. Let me know if you try that how it goes.


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  • S: Kiki, Tag, Silver A: Noble, Philo*, Yesh B: Drabhu, Muffins, Rugged C: Nez, Wraggles D: Dr. Blixem, Falala F: Eachthighearn, Niu Ga Tang As of now, this list is incomplete, and I do welcome helpful comments and the like. The Strong and Weak against lines are non-complete, but do follow some general trends I have noticed. Characters may go up or down depending on how the meta and playstyles of my group evolve. Potions- C are the potions in the Vials, B are in the sphereical containers, and M are from Mage hunters, Traps- C are the traps with the paw coming out, B are the bear traps, and M are from Mage hunters, Spells- C are the spells in the books with an open strap, B have runes flowing out of them, and M are from Mage hunters, The second letter is the color (Blue, Orange/Yellow, Green, Purple). For example: Potion-CB is the blue potion in a vial, or the extra turn potion. (The C/B/M stands for Core, Bonus, and Mage hunters.) Kiki: With access to the strongest defensive item in the game, her headphones, she is a massive pain to get flipped. Combine that with the ability to knock her opponent’s available item slots to 5 and a 6 power attack that costs less for her than a 3 power attack from most other Fuzzy’s and you have the combination for one of the strongest characters in the game. Strong against: Everyone; Weak to: Silver, Tag Tag: Another great defensive ability. If Tag can get 2-3 magic on board (easy enough), he only has to worry about flipping from bunker busters like an activated Rip, Yesh, Rugged, or a character under the influence of Potion-BG. Strong against: Kiki, Hysteria, Drabhu; Weak to: Yesh, Rugged Rugged: A Fuzzy that specializes in bunker busting, able to strip a board and go right on the attack for the measly price of 2 actions and your hand. Doesn’t get stuck in Essence form either, which makes getting put there more palatable. Does not appreciate characters that don’t make use of the field. Strong against: Chester, Tag; Weak to: Atlas, Gretchen Yesh: A bunker buster with drawbacks. While the Garbel hurts, characters have a hard time defending against your attacks. Even getting flipped isn’t terrible. Yesh’s Bidding keeps you in a good position while stripping your opponent’s hand, and the lack of Dark Pact keeps the troublesome Garbel at bay. Depending on available spells, Yesh can be even stronger, disincentivizing the use of heavier hitting spells like Spells-CG, CY, and CB. Strong against: Tag; Weak to: Falala Drabhu: A strong aggressive Fuzzy who gets access to a face down magic for free added by default to every attack. Her Dragonscale Armor lets her get the first few turns to attack without worry of retaliation and also lets her attack into Wraggles without worry of his Reflector Jacket (unlike other offensive Fuzzies). Strong against: Nez; Weak to: Muffins, Hysteria Niu Ga Tang: In theory able to yank a Fuzzy back from the grave and pummel them back into the ground with their Healing Arrow/Aim combination. In practice they work best playing without using their abilities for the vast majority of the time. Even the massive draw potential of Fuzzle is at the mercy of RNG letting you flip back to use the cards you get (and is negated entirely by not having 6 face down cards, such as from Spell-CP or Kiki’s Contract). Falala has some trouble, due to the fact that she is unable to stick in her preferred Essence form after getting stolen from. Other than that, just use Muffins or Drabhu. Strong against: Falala; Weak to: Kiki (more so than usual due to the Contract negating Fuzzle), Everyone Eachthighearn: Did you want to play a worse version of your opponent’s character? Now you can! Strong against: Septimus; Weak to: Everyone else Septimus: If you want your gameplan to focus less on combat and more on aggressive card draw, Septimus may be for you. The extra turn allowing you to eke out victory can be very useful, but beware giving your opponent 3 turns in a row after. Energy Drop is harsh, and if you can’t make the roll with your natural roll or rewind, you get set behind fast. Strong against: Falala; Weak to: Eachthighearn Falala: A bit of a backwards character, getting more actions while in Essence form. She does have a 33% chance to steal a card from your opponent’s hand each turn, however. Works best against characters that want to attack, as your defense is the complete lack of need to defend. Strong against: Yesh; Weak to: Niu Ga Tang, Phylo Nez: Heavily luck based. Nez can set up a defense, then not use it for a good period of time. Lucky Dodge can be an amazingly strong defensive ability, but does have a 66% chance to do nothing. But if you chose Nez, nothing I can say here will change your opinion; you just like to roll dice. Strong against: Everyone, 33% of the time; Weak to: Bad rolls Dr. Blixem: The offensive version of Nez. You like to roll dice, but want to attack more than defend. In theory you can drain Kiki’s Headphones dry in 2 actions flat. In practice, your cold might just get you. Strong against: Anyone you can sneeze on enough; Weak to: Bad rolls Silver: Silver’s strength comes from the fact that he forces you to play his game. He’s not trying to attack or defend, he just wants to draw cards. He forces you into dealing with a respawning mineon with a recurring trap as backup. He doesn’t care about getting flipped, as he faces combat much better from that side. Strong against: Kiki, Wraggles; Weak to: Phylo, Noble Phylo: Phylo’s strength comes from his ability to freecast potions and from Force Fuse. As the only character who can use fusion reliably in 1v1, he has options that others simply do not. The additional upside of overwriting other fusion effects is just gravy. The fact that he gets 50% more actions than his opponent while fused is incredibly relevant, as actions are one of the most valuable resources in the game. Fainting Goat also allows him to control what side of his opponent is active at the beginning of their turn. His ultimate ranking, however, is dependent on the contents of the potions in the deck, with the Extra Turn potion (Potion-CB) at the top end (allowing a draw of an additional 15 cards in a burst from just draw actions if desired) and the downside potion from Mage Hunters (Potion-MY) at the lower end. Strong against: Falala, Yesh; Weak to: Kiki, Muffins Wraggles: A sidegrade of Nez. His reflect is much stronger than Nez’s dodge, but that’s the only defense he has. He does have the upside of completely ignoring offensive abilities. But, he is also vulnerable to being completely locked out of the game if he dies without a Magic on his Stim. His ability to wipe Mineons is good if facing Fuzzies that enjoy their company, like Chester and Noble (though Noble’s additional attack to his mineons can lock him into Essence form hard). Strong against: Chester; Weak to: Noble
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