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Jul 24



Edited: Jul 28

Creator edits and notes


1. Raccoon Mafia should force you to discard all of your magic on a roll of 1, 2, or 3

(Card currently says 1 or 2)

2. Skunk Squad typo “on a roll of...”

Not “one a roll of...”

3. Some text inconsistencies not even worth mentioning.. shouldn't influence gameplay at all but will be made more uniform going forward.

4. Rulebook will be re-structured a bit and will include mage hunter and allies info as-well as more in depth clarifications

5. Septimus essence form ability energy drop (clarify that he only drops magic on his turn not “every” turn.

6. Kiki will get gimped. Either reduce the charge she gets on her headphones to one instead of two after using her crossbow or allowing her to be attacked by less then 4 while her headphone shield is active. (Had to change a fundamental part of her item abilities a week before launch, sorry)

7. Text edit for wraggles boomerang ability** it only hits other fuzzy mages mineons, not his own.

8. Add text to Garbel card. He moves on if your hand is empty at end of turn (including after garbel discard) alot of text on that card.. simplify.. use keywords maybe*

Aug 4



Just for clarification: Are these official developer erratas, fan suggestions collected here, or... ?

Aug 5

official developer

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