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Aug 1

2nd Release Updated Cards/Rule Book Release


When the expansion is released for FMF, will there be a reward option/the ability to purchase just the stuff that have been updated? I know there’s already been a lot of talk of making Kiki and a few other cards a bit weaker, updating the rule book, and rewriting the Garbel’s Card description, and it would be nice to be able to get these without having to buy the full game a second time. (This of course depends on how much ends up being changed, as if most of the cards change it might be worth it to buy the game again.)

You will not have to purchase the same game again. I am not sure how we are going to incorporate the updated rulebook. I think I will re-analyze that question after I finish my FMF Manifesto end of next week. Its possible we make it available with the purchase of the expansion box.. so we dont loose a ridiculous amount of money. I am on this 24/7 now (outside of gencon this week) so when finished itll be near perfect I imagine 🥳 so hopefully this will improve gameplay experience more. Nice and smooooth

Great question, thanks


Nov 4


I am very glad to read this article, Jaka

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